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p: +61 (03) 5221 5353

a: 230 McKillop St, East Geelong, Victoria, 3219, Australia

e: info@stmatthews.org.au

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Published: March 3, 2014 .

St.Matthew's Church

Missionally engaged followers of Jesus belonging in M-Pods, Clusters and Celebrations within St Matthew's community

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Welcome to St Matts! We are a church community who are trying to follow Jesus Christ in everything we do, whether at home, work, school or anywhere else. He changes our lives as we read the bible, talk to him in prayer and listen as he speaks to us in many ways. His Spirit lives in us and helps us achieve things we previously thought impossible. Even though we still have heaps of tough stuff in our lives, we are so grateful that he is with us all the time.

We believe following Jesus will change your life. You can find out more by searching this site and following links (see especially Who is Jesus?), but the best way is to meet Jesus personally. We'd love to help you do that. Our worship events are great because we have fun, there are loads of interesting people and especially because God is there with us.

Please come and join us as soon as you can and help us make a difference in our community. You are welcome any time!

- Rev. Ian Weaver, Vicar.

Some St Matt’s-isms
From time to time, you may hear some new or strange words. You’ll need to become familiar with some of these to understand what we’re on about at St Matt’s.

Person of Peace:
Someone who is expressing grace towards you. That is, someone who likes you and wants to spend time with you and accepts your faith as part of the deal.

Kairos moments:
Those moments when time seems to stand still and it feels like God is trying to communicate something really important to you – times to take notice and respond.

A disciplined approach to the Christian life, just as Jesus demonstrated,
by maintaining a healthy balance of relationships between: our heavenly Father (Up); our church family (In); and those who don’t yet know Jesus (Out).

A discipleship tool from which the above terms are derived, a series of eight mnemonics/shapes which remind us about various aspects of following Jesus.
Please see here for more explanation...